4 Great Reasons to Choose Silvercat Wedding Cars

When choosing a wedding car service for your special day, you don’t want just any car and you don’t want just any service. This is your wedding we are talking about; you want something special. You want something that will show your bride to be how much she means to you and how important your wedding day is.
     If you want to show your future spouse that you mean business and you want the day to be memorable, you’ll choose Silvercat Wedding Cars; we are Australia’s premier wedding car service!

     Now, we are guessing that you’ll want to know why you should choose Silvercat Wedding Cars right. Well we have 4 great reasons for you to choose Silvercat and here they are:

4. Timeliness. You don’t want to be late on your own wedding day and having your wedding car show up late or not at all could put a damper on the day’s events. The staff at Silvercat Wedding Cars has the experience needed to ensure our drivers are always on time and ready when you are.

3. Service. Your wedding is a very special day and having a friendly, attentive driver to chauffeur you around is part of that experience. Our drivers provide levels of service you won’t find anywhere else and are dedicated to making your wedding day stress free and special.

2. Affordability. Let’s face it, weddings can be expensive and can go over budget very quickly. Hiring your wedding car from Silvercat Wedding Cars ensures you don’t overpay and that you get the quality and service you deserve.

1. Our cars. Silvercat Wedding Cars boasts a fleet of Jaguar MK 5’s and MK 7’s to give you that vintage car feel compete with the class and elegance that only a Jaguar can provide.

     So there you have it; 4 good reasons to choose Silvercat Wedding Cars for your special day. Give us a call today and let our team help you with booking your vintage wedding car in time for your wedding day

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